Little Known Ways to Surgery

denver cosmetic surgery

Yeah I thought about medicine and thought about hard took to go back and take pre-med classes did that and then with the medical school and here you and plastic surgery itself was something that I really liked because it’s such a personal specialty you’re really working with people’s goals.

And aspirations working to become their personal best they’re paying you directly so that third party payment through an insurance company it kind of messes up medicine and everything we’ve got share actually share of course our health care systems and trouble from that yeah that is it part of what we do and so we’re really very directly involved with their patients.

Cool its artistic it’s hands-on and it’s that techie thing as well yeah but honestly what we love in our office is the patience and yeah we have so much fun the patients that come back and they love being in our office and so that’s really the rewarding part awesome so is that what’s what’s the best part of your job.

Would you say is is that I think it’s working with a team that we’re working to elevate everyone so to me a major satisfaction goal for why I come to work is that Andrea that Mallory unrespected everyone is able to up their game their professional ability and capabilities and really be rewarded for that.

And it’s of course the patient’s I mean we get that enjoyment every day and it’s not all easy I mean surgery has risks and it has complications it’s real so you know partner with the patient knowing that you’re going to be there to take care of them and major complications are very uncommon but bumps in the road or something we definitely see Sur snapchat’s a great Avenue for showing that you know we show issues that we have whether it’s just the normal stuff in in bruising.

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